Message in a bottle reveals the lovely story of 'Mel'

A Reddit user posted pictures of their find and the message they discovered inside

Message in a bottle reveals the lovely story of 'Mel'

Message in a bottle washes up after only 10 days (Photo: Reddit/NOT_A_NINJA_)

Reddit user NOT_A_NINJA_ posted images of a large bottle a group of friends found washed up on a beach in California.

It had a message inside. Expecting something possibly dating back years, they were surprised to find that the message inside was dated only 10 days before.

The message inside was laminated and taped shut to protect it from the elements. When the group opened the scroll it contained a large family photo with a message from 'Mel' and his family.

Photo: Reddit/NOT_A_NINJA_

The letter explained that Mel had just passed away and his family wanted to 'lay him to rest in a place that he loves.... the ocean.'

It also described the loving wife and children he used to enjoy spending time with on the beach.

The letter also asked that, if found, the person should take a photo of themselves and where they found the bottle and post it on a special Facebook page the family had set up. 

That way the bottle's travels could be tracked each time it was found.

The Reddit user said they resealed the bottle and sent it on its way again.

Photo: Reddit/NOT_A_NINJA_