Talking History

Patrick Geoghegan taking you on journeys through history every Sunday from 7pm - 8pm.

Patrick Geoghegan

Patrick is one of Ireland’s brightest young historians. Enthusiastic and energetic, he is known for his engaging, witty and accessible approach to history. A lecturer in the Department of History in Trinity College Dublin, he won the Provost’s Award for Teaching Excellence in 2009.  A prolific historian, he is the author of books on the Irish Act of Union, Robert Emmet and, most recently, Daniel O’Connell

About the show

Presented by Dr Patrick Geoghegan of Trinity College Dublin, this unique and lively show takes a critical look at some of the great personalities and political, social and cultural events in history. 'Talking History' focuses on the human side of history - unraveling the gritty, dirty and sometimes uncomfortable side we dont usually hear much about. While 'Talking History' will inform, entertain and sometimes shock you it will never bore you! And one thing is guaranteed, whether Patrick is discussing controversial religous leaders or failed economic movements, we promise to take history out of the class room each Sunday night and makes it come alive!

Regular Features

On the first Sunday of every month, we look at major Historical Anniversaries & Personalities that made the news that month. Listen to our resident fact finder, Joe Connell, as he unravels Ireland’s most interesting and controversial historical personalities and anniversaries. I