Zuma wins ANC leadership vote by landslide

South African presidentscored a thumping victory in a leadership contest today

This win opens the way for him to lead Africa's largest economy until 2019

Zuma won 2,983 votes out 3,977 votes cast at a party conference in Bloemfontein, making him the odds-on favourite to retain the presidency after 2014 general elections.

His challenger, Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe, won 991 of the votes.

Businessman Cyril Ramaphosa won the deputy presidency with 3018 votes in a three-way race, setting him up to became Zuma's potential eventual successor and country president.

The vote took place despite the conference being threatened by right wing extremists.

Police said four men plotted to attack the meeting, which was attended by most of the South African government. The men have now been charged with treason and terrorism.