Meet the man whose concussion made him a musical genius

Derek Amato has acquired musical savant syndrome

In 2006, Derek Amato sustained a severe head injury some swimming pool action with friends. Diagnosed with concussion, he was sent home from hospital with instructions to be woken every few hours.

The full extent of his injuries would not reveal themselves until weeks later - 35% hearing loss in one ear, headaches, memory loss.

But the most bizarre consequence came just four days after his accident - despite having no previous experience, he became a fluent piano player.

"I didn't recognise it right away, it wasn't that important," he said on Moncrieff, referring to the keyboard at his friend's house where he first realised his gift. "After a few minutes, I felt more compelled to play with it and turn it on and make noise.

"After ten minutes of this curiosity, I went over and turned it on and started banging on it. Usually you have an idea of what it's going to sound like when you don't know how to play it, so I was expecting a completely different situation [...] My fingers seemed to know where they were going."

Amato's, admittedly, has musical roots - his grandmother was a church organist which ultimately meant he grew up around music. But he himself has never had any formal training.

"At 50 years old, I still can't tell you where a D major or minor is on the piano," he said.

Simply put, keys dictate what Amato does. A handful of brain scans later, however, and Amato is still unclear as to how he acquired his gift.

"I'm still adjusting to this ten years later," he said. "Every day is beautifully brand new with musical compositions. It's a 24hr process, and it's exhausting.

You can listen to the full interview below.