The Tom Dunne Show

Entertaining. Interactive. If you're talking about it, Tom is too. Monday to Thursday from 10pm - 12am and Sundays from 9pm - midnight.

Tom came out of the womb in 1978 holding a microphone. Initially he put this to good use fronting the band U2 wished they were, Something Happens. His megalomania soon got the better of him and he branched out into broadcasting, presenting award winning shows for TV and radio.

He somehow worked out the code for the Newstalk studios in 2008 and has been here ever since.

About the show

The Tom Dunne Show is a nightly entertainment driven magazine show focusing on music, culture, movies, sex, sports, comedy, books, gossip and technology.

Tom will be joined by a host of regulars to pour over some of the off beat stories of the day, review the best reads and critique the best pieces to watch, all wrapped with the best in music choice.

With the best tunes, wittiest banter, insightful reviews and killer guests, The Tom Dunne Show is a party on your radio four nights every week. The door's on the latch, come on in!