Cookson wins UCI election

The head of British cycling replaces Pat McQuaid

The head of British Cycling Brian Cookson has won the race for the UCI Presidency.

Cookson beat the incumbent Pat McQuaid by 24 votes to 18 in the battle to become the head of world cycling.

McQuaid had been seeking a third term in office but had been mired in a series of controversies, including attempts to change the UCI's constitution to enable himself to stand in the elections.

Earlier, a vote to postpone a controversial series of reforms to the UCI's constitution resulted in delegates voting 21 to 21.

The question was therefore not carried and UCI president Pat McQuaid declared that the amendments would therefore not be debated and voted on.

That meant confusion reigned as to whether or not McQuaid would be able to run in the Presidential election against Brian Cookson.

Cookson has been in charge of British cycling since 1997 and has presided over a period of great success for the sport in the UK.

In June, Off The Ball's Joe Molloy interviewed Cookson, who said it was time for change in cycling.