Tag rugby on the rise as Ireland contest Tri-Nations Cup

Men's, Ladies and Mixed teams faced off against their Australian and British counterparts in Limerick

Tag rugby on the rise as Ireland contest Tri-Nations Cup

Photos by Lisa Cunningham

These are exciting times for tag rugby.

Founded in 2000 by Simon Bewley after returning from Australia, The Irish Tag Rugby Association have been officially invited and accepted, as the 12th member nation of the International Tag Federation

The all new Tag Ireland Team will also qualify for the 2015 Tag World Cup in Australia and the Association intend to pitch to host the 2018 World Cup. 

Amidst all that, The Australian Tag Rugby team arrived on our shores and travelled and took on Kildare, Dublin, Galway, Cork and Limerick.

Ireland have been hosting the Touring Australian Team,in the run up to the Tri-Nations Cup which took place, in Old Crescent RFC, Limerick.

Along with Great Britain, Ireland and Australia did battle for the honours of the Tri Nations Cup preceding the Pig n' Porter Tag Fest (the largest Tag Festival in the World - for 13 years).

And here's how the matches went in Men's, Ladies', Mixed and Seniors:

Men's Open GB v Ireland 7-10
Mens Open GB v OzTag 5-4
Men's Open Ireland v OzTag 2-9

Ladies Open Ireland v GB 5-6
Ladies Open GB v OzTag 2-18
Ladies Open Ireland v OzTag 2-5

Mixed Open Ireland v GB 23-2
Mixed Open GB v OzTag 4-19
Mixed Open Ireland v OzTag

Mixed Seniors GB v OzTag 0-18
Mixed Seniors Ireland v OzTag 3-9
Mixed Seniors GB v Ireland 4-7