Fancy flying direct to US for €69?

Norwegian's low-cost, one-way flights start taking off this summer...

Fancy flying direct to US for €69?

photo. Image: Ringo H.W. Chiu / AP/Press Association Images

Norwegian Air International (NAI) has revealed details of its new low-cost, one-way transatlantic offerings between Ireland and the United States.

Dublin, Cork and Shannon airports will all run US flights to non-hub airports in New York and Boston from July 1st, with fares starting at just €69.

NAI is set to operate:

  • 12 weekly flights from Dublin to Boston/Providence and New York
  • 4 weekly flights from Shannon to Boston/Providence and New York
  • 3 flights from Cork to Boston/Providence

As well as that, Dublin Airport will offer daily departures to New York's Stewart Airport, 100km north of New York City.

Cork Airport will bring a New York route onstream in 2018, according to NAI chief executive Bjørn Kjos. It has called the rates "some of the cheapest transatlantic fares ever seen".

With a return fare costing €138, the cost is about one-third of the average fares currently offered by the likes of Aer Lingus, American, Delta and United.

Extras such as meals, checked bags and selected seat will cost more. 

Another way it echoes Ryanair's model is in choosing airports that are slightly out of the way to reduce costs.

For New York, for example, you will be touching down in either Stewart Airport in Orange County or Green Airport in Rhode Island, rather than JFK.

The transatlantic routes will be operated on brand new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

Kjos told the Irish Independent:

"This is a wonderful day for us and we are very happy with all the support that Ireland and the Irish people have given us in our bid to get these flights launched over the past two years.

"Some people do not like low fares for their own reasons. But we believe that the public like low air fares and will support these new routes."

Outside of the Republic, NAI is launching the only transatlantic flights from Belfast. Tickets to Stewart International and Providence Airport start at £69.

NAI chief executive Bjørn Kjos. Photo:

Low fares transatlantic competition will come from Iceland's WOW Air.

The company will begin flying from Cork to Reykjavik, and then on to eight cities across the US and Canada in May. Their New York offering will set you back €159.99 each way.