Professional chocolate taster is the world's sweetest job listing

Mondelez, the giant behind Cadbury and Oreo, is looking for someone with discerning taste buds

Professional chocolate taster is the world's sweetest job listing


Those with a bitter and sweet tooth can rejoice at the news that a job opening has presented itself for a ‘professional chocolate taster’.

Mondelez, the food conglomerate that is the world’s second biggest confectionery company, is looking to recruit someone with a chocolate-attuned palate to offer feedback on new products.

The Illinois-based company, which produces the likes of Cadbury and Oreo cookies, has advertised for a ‘Chocolate and Cocoa Beverage Taster’, with the applicant to be available for seven and a half hours of work weekly, between Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Tasks of the job

On the company campus, the successful applicant will work with Mondelez food scientists and producers, taking to “sensory booths” in order to “taste chocolate and cocoa beverage products and give objective and honest feedback.”

In order to help Mondelez craft the future of chocolate consumption, the job description asks for candidates to fulfil the brief by having more than just the bog-standard ‘Excel proficiency’. Instead, applicants must have “taste buds for detection,” as well as a “passion for confectionery.”

The job, based in Reading in the UK, is an entry-level position, meaning even those with just the basic grasp of chocolate knowhow are eligible to apply. You can find out more about the position here.

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