Lone parents to benefit from new government measure

Around 17,500 lone parents will benefit from the measure

Lone parents to benefit from new government measure

More than 9,000 lone parents are to loose their One-Parent Family payment| Image RollingNews.ie

From today, the 5th of January onwards, lone parents can earn more while retaining their full One-Parent Family or Jobseeker’s Transitional payment. 

Their payment has been increased from €90 to €110 per week. The new measure will apply to both existing and new lone parents.

Speaking about the new measure Minister Varadkar said "This measure further builds on the Budget 2016 measure which increased the income disregard of the Jobseeker’s Transitional Payment from €60 a week to €90 a week.  In doing so it ensures that Jobseeker’s Transitional Payment recipients who are working will gain more income at the end of each week."

The Jobseeker’s Transitional Payment is available to lone parents who have a youngest child aged between 7 and 13 years. These customers are exempt from the Jobseeker’s Allowance conditions that require them to be available for, and genuinely seeking, full-time work.

Minister Varadkar added that "They also have the option of availing of education and moving into employment, including into part-time employment, and continue to receive a Social Welfare payment. “

The increase to the One-Parent Family Payment disregard will benefit around 12,800 One-Parent Family Payment recipients.

Additionally the increase to the Jobseeker’s Transitional Payment disregard will benefit approximately 4,700 Jobseeker’s Transitional Payment recipients. 

A lone parent in receipt of the One-Parent Family Payment, working 15 hours a week on the National Minimum Wage will gain €15 a week as a result of Budget 2017 or almost €800 per annum.