Revenue collects almost €13m in default taxes

Three of the 64 settlements relate to offshore assets

Revenue collects almost €13m in default taxes

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Revenue has published a list of tax defaulters for the third quarter, which includes settlements worth €12.74m.

Sixty four taxpayers who had to make settlements from July to September this year are on the list.

Thirty two were for amounts worth more than €100,000 - while eight exceeded €500,000.

Three of the 64 settlements published, yielding €0.63m, relate to Revenue's investigation into Offshore Assets/Funds.

"The published settlements reflect a portion only of all Revenue audits and investigations concluded in the three-month period to 30 September 2016", Revenue say.

A total of 1,401 Revenue audit and investigations - together with 23,616 Risk Management Interventions - were settled in the period from July to September.

This resulted in a yield of €100.3m - including tax, interest and penalties.

The biggest settlement in the period was made by O'Keefe Developments Ltd from Armagh.

The company, which is now in liquidation, paid €895,931 for under-declaration of VAT.