Hillary Clinton goes all in on apps and social media to take on Trump

A new app and Facebook feature will let you share your Trump dislike

Hillary Clinton goes all in on apps and social media to take on Trump

Hillary Clinton and her running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine | Photo: PA Images

As Hillary Clinton is about to receive the Democratic nomination to run for US president on one of the biggest political platforms, the Democratic National Convention, she has started to aim for her rival on virtual platforms.

The Clinton campaign has released new apps and social media features targeting Donald Trump, the Republican candidate.

Hillary 2016 is a new app for iOS that lets you play a big part in the Clinton campaign right from your iPhone. You can volunteer, organise rallies, and set up digital HQs to interact with other Hillary supporters online.

There is a level of competitiveness in the app though, as you can compete with other users to see who is best representing Hillary in your area in a local, state, and national level. Whoever does best can get real world rewards, such as campaign merchandise signed by Hillary herself.

While it's on par with how her campaign is targeting younger people, Hillary 2016 also rallies against Trump in a way that Clinton hasn't before. The app's description flat out states "The only thing standing between Donald Trump and the presidency is us."

Trumpify Yourself

While Hillary 2016 is hoping to build a network around Clinton, her campaign is also moving into taking over your social networks.

Her new Trump Yourself site will let you login with your Facebook account and will Trumpify your profile picture.

The site will overlay famous Trump quotes about a demographic that you chose, such as women or gay people, along with a little graphic of Trump himself.

The campaign is hoping that by people Trumpifying their profiles, they'll share the kind of messages the Republican nominee has been spreading.

By logging in through Facebook though, the Clinton campaign will get your email address and automatically start sending you campaign emails.

Trump's campaign hasn't been anywhere near as technically or digitally savvy compared to Clinton's so far, but with the nomination and party backing officially under his belt, expect that to change on the road to November.