Here's how to get Pokemon Go on your Android phone now

Sorry iPhone users, you'll have to wait for a while

We're still waiting in this part of the world for Pokemon Go, Nintendo's new mobile game featuring everyone's favourite pocket monsters.

While players in the US and Australia are having police worried about how much they're into the game, in Ireland and the rest of Europe, we've to wait a little longer to get our hands on it.

That is, unless you have an Android phone.

Because Android is an open platform letting you make whatever changes you want, you can install any app that you can find online. This is called sideloading. You cannot do this with iPhone, which can only download apps from Apple's own App Store, so iOS users will have to wait until the game is officially there to download it.

For now though, this is how Android users can install Pokemon Go:

1. Get your settings right

By default, Android doesn't really like you installing apps that aren't from the Google Play store just for security reasons, but you are able to change this. Go to Settings > Security > Activate unknown sources. Now you can run apps you install from any website.

2. Find the app online

There are many sites that let you download Android apps that aren't in the Google Play app store. If you search online, you'll find sites that lets you download the APK, which is the app file. Find one that you like, see if it has Pokemon Go, and download the APK. Be careful with the file you download, making sure it's not malware or something dangerous for your phone. Check to see if there's any feedback on the website on what the app is like when installed.

3. Moving the app to your phone

I suggest going to these sites on the phone that you'll install the game on, as it skips the process of transferring the file. If you download it onto your computer, just plug your phone in via USB, select Transfer Files when prompted on your phone, then copy the app file to the Downloads folder on your phone. Or you could just upload the file to a cloud service and download it to the phone via its app.

4. Getting up and running

Find on your phone where you put the file, and you'll see it'll look like any other app you install. You can then move it to your homescreen or app folder, and you'll have Pokemon Go ready to go!