Notorious B.I.G is back in hologram form

Fans of the late Notorious B.I.G. are about to get another chance to see the rapper perform in person - kind of

A Hollywood based company called Augmented Reality Holographic Technology, or ARHT for short, has secured the rights to create a holographic image of Notorious B.I.G. This means the rapper, who was shot dead in 1997 aged 24, may start to appear at concerts.

The company will create a 3D experience without the need for special glasses. Billboard reports the first holographic appearance by Biggie will be alongside Faith Evans, his widow, in an upcoming music video. 

While the full details are not yet known about how the company will bring Biggie back to life, the project has received the blessing of his mother, Voletta Wallace:

"After seeing all the technologies out there, I realized right away that ARHT Media would be the best partner to bring back Notorious B.I.G."

This comes four years after the appearance of a hologram of rapper Tupac at Coachella which was produced by Digital Domain: