Ten hidden gems to discover at this year's Dublin International Film Festival

Looking to find something a little out of the ordinary from your cinema experience? Look no further...

The Audi Dublin International Film Festival will be running in the city from February 18th to 28th with a deluge of movies, special guests and events taking place over the eleven days.

While there's a lot of obvious movies standing out to choose from - everything from Sundance-hit, homegrown Sing Street to the big-screen re-release of Michael Collins to the latest Coen Brothers outing Hail, Caesar! - we're going to take a look at ten movies that you might have overlooked.


Lighthouse, Friday 19th, 21.15

On an island populated only by young men and grown woman, Nicholas discovers a dead body in the ocean that throws his whole existence wide open. A creepy, dread-filled thriller.


Lighthouse, Saturday 20th, 16.30

Kirsten Wiig continues on her more dramatic path as she plays the surrogate mother to a gay couple, but soon all three are caught up in a series of dramatic encounters that ends with murder.


Lighthouse, Saturday 20th, 18.30

Two men meet in a secluded area, both bringing their life savings. They fight to the death, with the winner taking all of the money. This is "Trading", and the young men of Ireland - including Love/Hate's Killian Scott - have found its one of the few avenues left to make a living in the current economic climate. 


Lighthouse, Saturday 20th, 21.00

Getting early comparisons to the likes of Memento and Mulholland Drive, this movie tells the story of a young man who is struck by a falling object, wakes up from a coma with a massive settle sum, and proceeds to spend the money in pursuit of a perfect recreation of the few memories he has left.


Lighthouse, Sunday 21st, 20.30

While the festival is chocker-blocked with new releases, it's also a celebration of past greats. One of this year's guests is none other than Angela Lansbury, and to celebrate, there will be a screening of this 1962 classic, Frank Sinatra co-starring psychological thriller.


Cineworld, Monday 22nd, 20.30

Matthias Schoenaerts plays an Afghanistan veteran who suffers from a severe form of PTSD that makes it difficult to distinguish fantasy from reality. When he lands a cushy gig as a bodyguard to a rich wife (Diane Kreuger) and her son, these fantasies begin to push him over the edge. But are they really fantasies?


Lighthouse, Tuesday 23rd, 18.15

Delving into the world of bull rodeos, this movie has been winning awards left right and centre around the globe, including Best Feature at the Adelaide Film Festival, the Critics Award at the Hamburg Film Festival, Best Film at the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival and the Special Jury Prize, Venice Film Festival.


Movies @ Dundrum, Wednesday 24th, 18.00

One of the most talked about Irish movies of recent times, this movie tells the tale of a young woman as she deals with every up and down that life throws at her. Director Simon Fitzmaurice will be in attendance at the screening to answer questions, too.


Cineworld, Thursday 25th, 18.00

Part of the LGBTQ line-up at this year's ADIFF, we're introduced to Elliott, a teenager in rural France, who has something a sexual awakening when he's introduced to new kid Clement, who may or may not reciprocate his feelings.


Lighthouse, Saturday 27th, 16.00

Back in 1962, François Truffaut’s interviewed Alfred Hitchcock over the course of a week, resulting in a book that changed the face of both cinema and film criticism. This documentary talks to the likes of Martin Scorsese, Paul Schrader, Wes Anderson, David Fincher and many more about the still-relevant fall-out of these interviews.

Tickets to all of these and the rest of this year's line-up can be found at www.diff.ie