Dad seeks Craigslist Santa Claus to take back presents from ungrateful kids

The California-based father offered a free Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to anyone who would play the part

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Billy Bob Thornton stars in the 2003 black comedy 'Bad Santa' [Dimension Films]

A father from Sacramento, California, offered a free Xbox One and Playstation 4 to any man that would come to his house to collect the gaming consoles – provided that the man would dress as Santa Claus and tell the kids who had been given them that they were “ungrateful bastards.”

Writing on the popular small ads website, the man who posted the original message said: “I tried to be a food dad this Christmas and give my kids a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And ever since they opened the gifts, they have become little ungrateful bastards.”

Since receiving the two consoles, the father claims his children have become disrespectful to him and their mother, have taken to throwing tantrums when asked to stop playing, and outright refused to complete household tasks and chores when requested.

When the father threatened that Santa Claus would come and take the consoles back if the children did not drastically modify their behaviour, to which, the Craigslist  post reads, they replied that their dad was a “f***ing idiot,” telling him the man in red beloved by children around the world for his annual rewarding of good behaviour on Christmas Eve does exist, “and he’s f***ing pissed.”

 “So here’s where you guys come in. I will give their PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to you for free but only if you can come in a Santa outfit,” the Sacramento father writes. “It doesn’t have to be a good one. Even if it’s just red clothes and a beard, that would be fine. But you gotta come in the house and pretend to be Santa and I’ll hand you the gift in front of my little s**t children who I expect will cry and beg. It will be glorious.”

The Craigslist post outlining the father's plan [Facebook]

Whether or not he found an Old Saint Nick to take part is unclear, but the post is no longer visible on the Craigslist website. 

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