'Airbnb for cars' announces Dublin workplace app

The Irish firm has seen rapid growth in 12 months

'Airbnb for cars' announces Dublin workplace app

Image: Fleet

A company which describes itself as the 'Airbnb for cars' is launching a Dublin service.

The Fleet App is designed to help workers share cars in the capital.

Launched in 2017, it allows local owners to rent to tourists, businesses and anyone seeking to get from A to B.

It has seen rapid growth in its opening 12 months - with 16,000 accounts created, an expansion to Northern Ireland and 500 vehicle uploads.

The Irish peer-to-peer car hire firm has now tendered to provide Dublin City Council with an app-based virtual vehicle pool for council staff to access transport at work.

The initiative is part of the 'Smart Mobility Hub' - a project seeking low cost solutions to integrate transport and reduce congestion.

Fleet CEO Maurice Sheehy said: "We're very excited about the potential of working with county councils and businesses on this project.

"Over a million Irish people now drive to work, adding to the climate and congestion burden plaguing Dublin.

Fleet CEO Maurice Sheehy | Image: Fleet

"Our new app gives people the option to ditch the car, cycle to the office instead, and share vehicles as needed for work.

"The model is highly scalable and we hope to roll it out to other councils and private companies with large workforces."

The firm's custom car-sharing service manages access to both council-owned electric cars and employees' own personal vehicles - which can be shared via on-demand insurance.

Market research has suggested most workers would rather pay a fellow employee to use their vehicle, than have money go directly to a private company.

In turn, councils and other organisations joining the scheme expect significant cost savings from money otherwise spent on taxis and leasing work vehicles.