London police looking to use drones to chase mopeds

Change in pursuits coming after 18 year old killed in high speed chase

London police looking to use drones to chase mopeds

A drone and a helicopter seen flying over west London. | Photo: PA Images

London's Metropolitan Police are looking at using drones to chase motorcycle and moped riders through the city.

This idea comes after the Met launched an inquiry into its pursuit tactics following the death of 18 year old Henry Hicks.

Hicks was killed after he crashed during a high-speed chase through Islington. He was trying to evade two unmarked police cars and a helicopter on his moped, even though he was not suspected of any crime.

The Met's deputy commissioner Craig Mackey said that using drones would be a much safer approach in the city.

Crime involving bikes or mopeds is rising in London, particularly drive-by phone theft, with over 3,000 cases reported in the past 12 months in just two London boroughs.

Using drones could be a huge cost saving measure for the Met too as they reduce the need for piloted helicopter support.

Drones are already in use by police forces in other parts of the UK where they assist with missing person searches and aerial photography.