Deputy Green leader Catherine Martin talks food, canvassing and not driving an electric car

The Dublin Rathdown candidate joined Seán Moncrieff for Quick Fire Candidates

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Green Party deputy leader Cllr Catherine Martin | Image:

As part of Newstalk's Election Coverage, Seán Moncrieff has been testing some of the candidates in a series of quick-fire questions that they will likely not be asked anywhere else.

On today's show it was the turn of deputy leader of the Green Party, Catherine Martin - running in Dublin Rathdown.

Have you ever line danced? No, I haven't

A person from another political party you admire The person that sticks out to me - deceased - would be Brian Lenihan, purely on his resilience. When he was diagnosed with cancer, my mother was diagnosed with the exact same cancer

Least favourite household chore Ironing, 100%

Have you witnessed sexism in politics? The only time that arises would be - myself and my husband both being councillors - that I'm often asked the question 'You're a mother and a councillor, how does that work?'. My husband isn't asked that question

Have you had a nickname? In college probably cause I was musician I was sort of arty and I wore the long skirts and I always had my hair in plats and I'm quite sallow-skinned and dark eyes - so all my friends in college called me Squaw or Pocahontas

Why don't more people vote Green? I think that's about to change...from what I'm hearing on the door there's definitely a need for Green

Favourite political slogan Probably our own - 'Think Now, Act Ahead'

Last time you lied Probably a little white lie to my husband - I'm inclined to say when he says 'are you on your way home?' Yeah I'll be there in five minutes

Last time you blushed Probably now

Anything you hate about canvassing? No, I absolutely love canvassing - even if there's anger at the doors

Your favourite pizza Ham, pineapple and tomato - sometimes pesto as well

How much are you spending on your campaign and where's the money coming from? Maybe €4,000 has been raised through pub quizzes and a dinner and friends - and probably two or three thousand of my own

Are your posters recyclable? We're re-using them as we always do!

Do you collect anything? I'm a hoarder, I collect everything - I find it hard to put away things, I like to hold on

Apart from yourself, what two other candidates will be elected in Dublin Rathdown? Shane Ross and I believe Fine Gael will take a second seat - and then there's a few of us in it for the third seat

Your first kiss Probably the Gaeltacht in Rosmuc

What kind of car do you drive? A Renault Megane Is it electric? No - but it's very fuel efficient

What famous event in history would you like to have witnessed? The Good Friday Agreement - I was actually in California at the time living there for a year

Last time you dropped change into a homeless person's cup On Sunday we were canvassing in Dundrum and there was a lady sitting there having a cup of coffee but she was still very cold, and I threw money (into a cup)

Do you believe in an afterlife? Yes I do - I need to believe that too, cause I need to believe my parents are there

Do you speak Irish? Yeah, tá cúpla focal agam

Do you love or loathe the Eurovision? It's a mixture - I grew up loving it. There was more music really involved in the old Eurovision so I loved the quality of song and I think it's more of a 'spectacular feature' now, but that's exciting to watch too so I still wouldn't miss it

A book that influenced you I'd probably be my own brother's - he's written a few books, a couple of books on poetry

Listen to her full interview below: