Here's a definitive ranking of the top 10 chocolate bars for World Chocolate Day

George Hook is Bounty mad... What's your favourite bar?

Here's a definitive ranking of the top 10 chocolate bars for World Chocolate Day

Picture by: Chris Radburn / PA Archive/Press Association Images

It is World Chocolate Day, which is the ultimate excuse to eat as much chocolate as possible.

There is a long standing debate in Ireland about what the best chocolate bar really is. Irish people eat approximately 3.8 bars of chocolate per week, which is 12KG of chocolate every year. So, it's about time we had a ranking. 

Could it be the Bounty, which often splits opinions? Or could it be the simple classic Dairy Milk? Newstalk’s George Hook favours a Bounty himself.

So to help you decide what to indulge in this World Chocolate Day, here is a countdown of our top 10 favourite chocolate bars.

10. Curly Wurly

Let’s just say that these are not made for anyone using dentures or with braces, but they are a classic none the less.  

9. Flake

It is very likely that 50% of it will end up on the floor or your clothes, but nothing beats a good flake in a 99 on a rainy summer day in Ireland to lift your spirits.

8. Galaxy Smooth Milk

This is a decent chocolate bar. When you don’t have any Dairy Milk, it will do.


7. Bounty

Although it may be hard to believe for some, there are actually human beings who enjoy Bounty bars. They often emerge from the shadows after a box of celebrations is opened at Christmas. 

In fact, Newstalk's George Hook is probably Bounty's number one fan.

6. Wispa

A bar so powerful, it was brought back from the grave.


5. Kit-Kat

This is a great bar for sharing, and even better for having all to yourself.


4. Yorkie

When you want the most out of your chocolate bar, this is by far the best choice. Although we're not sure about it only being for men... #everydaysexism


3. Crunchie

This bar won’t fill you up so it’s not the best option if you’re looking for something to tie you over until lunch. But that unique feeling of honeycomb melting on your tongue has earned it a number three spot on the list.


2. Mars

The Mars very nearly topped our list. It has everything you could ever want from a chocolate bar and is a very worthy runner up.

1. Dairy Milk

A well-deserved top spot for this classic bar. Simple but oh so powerful. Just like tea and Tayto, Dairy Milk is one of those home comforts that we just can't imagine a life without. 

Not to be forgotten, here are some of the bars that almost made the list:

Penguin Bar

Because who doesn't love a terrible joke with their chocolate bar?


One of those bars you either love you hate. Apologies to those who love it.

Milky Bars

 If only they weren't so small!


It just doesn't have that X-Factor.

So, do you agree with this list? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

Happy World Chocolate Day!