Workflowy: The list-lover's best friend

Ditch the notebooks in favour of an online system

I've tried a number of methods to wean me off notebooks and into a cloud-based system for my to-do lists. In recent years I've used Evernote, Google Drive, and MindMup, but to name a few. 

I am a serial list-maker and know how I like them to look. I stumbled across WorkFlowy not so long ago and have been using it for work. So far, so good!

What is it?

It's a no-frills blank document that allows you to keep track of what you need to, in the way that you want. It is available as a free web application here and you can also download the apps for iOS and Android free of charge. 

I have created three to-do lists but you can create as many as you need. Each of these three main lists can then expand into subcategories. Items on a subcategory can be dragged from one list to another. It's incredibly handy for project management and multi-tasking.


Hovering the mouse over a bullet point, next to individual items will pull up a menu. From here users can mark items as complete, add a note, share, export, duplicate or delete the item.

It's also possible to share lists for collaboration, meaning groups can work off the one list with ease. 

The ability to search all items within the app makes managing different lists a breeze. It's also possible to tag items on lists with a hashtag. For example, if a number of items on different lists are urgent, mark them #urgent. By clicking on #urgent, all items marked will appear in an easy to view list. 

Having tried a number of digital options over the last number of years, I've found WorkFlowy ticks most boxes for me. Its simplicity is what makes it so good. While Evernote is an excellent option, I found it can be quite overwhelming to manage. I also must admit that whilst using Evernote, I still had a small to-do list notebook on the go too. WorkFlowy has removed all paper-based lists from my life. We shall see how long that lasts. 

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