Women's March organiser on the protests: 'This was about more than just one man'

Fanya O'Donoghue spoke to George Hook on High Noon today.

The Women's March across the world took place at the weekend, with marches taking place in London, Barcelona and Helsinki, as well as other planned protests in Galway and Castlebar.

Fanya O'Donoghue, organiser of the Women's March on Washington Ireland, told George that this march was to address issues of 'inclusion, justice and dignity'.

'We shouldn’t have policies put upon us about who we can love and what we choose to do with our bodies,' so said O'Donoghue.

It had also come to attention that pro-life supporters were discouraged from marching on the day, with O'Donoghue pointing out to George that there would be no point in them marching together because they don't stand for the same things idealistically.

You can hear the full conversation by clicking below.