Winning Streep: Meryl's seven greatest acceptance speeches of all time

Hollywood's most decorated and nominated star was trending worldwide at the Golden Globes for her attack on Donald Trump

Winning Streep: Meryl's seven greatest acceptance speeches of all time

Meryl Streep poses with her Lifetime Achievement Award after Sunday night's Golden Globes [Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP]

While derided by the leader of the free world as “one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood,” Meryl Streep solidified her position as Tinsel Town’s ultimate titan last night, igniting the room when receiving her Cecil B DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Globes. Calling out, though not by name, the President-elect of the United States, the 30-time nominee and eight-time winner was soon trending worldwide, reminding everyone that she is not just the greatest screen actor of all time, but an expert performer of the acceptance speech.

As an actress, Streep is known for her versatility, with her gushing acceptance speeches delivered while encumbered with yet another weighty trophy in her hands known to be clever, warm, damning, daffy, appreciative, self-deprecating, and delivered with perfect timing. When they eventually handout Meryl Streep Lifetime Achievement Awards, it’ll take something truly special to capture the natural and seemingly spontaneous work of the movie star’s humble expressions of gratitude.

Here are seven of the best acceptance speeches ever given by Meryl Streep...

  • Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture - Golden Globes (2003)

Despite having receoved 12 GG nods from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in the 20 years sincer her 1983 win for Sophie's Choice, Streep had to wait the two decades before her name would be called out again. And judging by her ecstatic response, she'd resigned herself to never getting another one. 

  • Lead Actress in Miniseries or Movie - Emmys (2004)

Few are the stars so likeable that they can pull off a line like "You know there are some days when I myself think I'm overrated... but not today." Streep took home the prize for her starring role in Tony Kushner's Angels in America.

  •  Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Comedy) - Golden Globes (2007)

After claiming the prize for her turn as Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, Streep whips out her speech to a groan from the crowd. "Oh shut up, it's not that long," she informs the room, breaking out her Priestly glare towards the end of her thanks.

  • Best Actress - Oscars (1983)

Heavily pregnant with her daughter Mamie Fummer, Streep accepts her second of three Academy Awards from Sylvester Stallone, realising too late that she's dropped her speech en route to the podium. 

  • Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie - Golden Globes (2004)

Taking another political stance during her acceptance speech for the AIDS drama Angels in America, Streep made an early plea for same-sex marriage equality while also acknowledging her almost wardrobe malfunction.

  • Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Comedy) - Golden Globes (2010)

Accepting her award for Julie & Julia, Streep first starts by taken a moment to express her gratitude for presenter Colin Farrell, then riffs on changing her name to T Bone Street, a nod to T Bone Burnett, who had just won the prize beforehand. But then things take a serious turn, when Streep, acknowledging the recent earthquake in Haiti, pushing her fellow stars and the viewing public to donate that they could.

  • Best Actress in a Motion Picture (Drama) - Golden Globes (2012)

Even Meryl Streep drops S-bombs from time to time, realising halfway through her acceptance speech for playing Maggie Thatcher in The Iron Lady that she had forgotten her glasses. Having worked with everyone in Hollywood, it's not long before they're busy hustling to get them to her, though Streep is too busy fawning over Viola Davis to see David Fincher failing. 

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