'Will Ferrell, average millennial': Celebrities join Clinton for final days of campaign

Jay Z, Katy Perry, Stevie Wonder and Cher are some of the stars lined up for weekend campaign events

'Will Ferrell, average millennial': Celebrities join Clinton for final days of campaign

Image: Hillary Clinton / Twitter

With only days to go until the US election, the Trump and Clinton campaigns have predictably been focusing on campaigning in key battleground states.

Today Hillary Clinton is in Pennsylvania and Michigan, while her allies are also visiting swing states - such as Bernie Sanders in Iowa and Chelsea Clinton in New Hampshire.

Her Republican rival, meanwhile, will be attending rallies in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

However, as both candidates make their final plays - barring any late surprises, which in this dramatic race is more than possible - Hillary Clinton is really taking advantage of a key group of supporters: celebrities.

While polls have shown Clinton has significantly stronger support among young people and millennials than Trump, there have also been warnings they do not have the same enthusiasm for the presidential hopeful they had for Barack Obama in 2008.

Indeed, it was the progressive Bernie Sanders that really won millennials' hearts and minds during the primary campaign - and many would rather it was the Vermont senator on the ticket. 

Amid fears this increasingly influential demographic - earlier this year millennials became the US' largest living generation, having overtaken 'baby boomers' - may sit out the vote, the Clinton campaign has been ratcheting up efforts to get them out to vote.

Indeed, one of the most recent campaign videos made a very explicit reference to the fact, with Will Ferrell playing an 'average millennial' in a short but slick comedy riff (the campaign will surely be hoping it proves a viral hit among young supporters).

Ferrell is far from the only star campaigning for Clinton. Jay Z and Katy Perry are also due to speak at Clinton events in the coming days, while the likes of John Legend and Jennifer Lopez have already performed at events. Reports suggest Beyoncé will be making an appearance at an Ohio concert tonight.

It's not just young voters the campaign is attempting to woo with star power either. Jon Bon Jovi, Cher and Stevie Wonder are all also listed on the ever-shortening Clinton events list.

In contrast, you'd be hard pressed to find such high-profile supporters for Trump (although they do exist, as The Wrap helpfully details). But then again Donald Trump has always been the main event at Donald Trump rallies, whereas the likes of Bernie Sanders continue to draw huge crowds at ostensibly Clinton events.

Whether the celebrity endorsements and appearances will do anything to help Clinton's chances remains to be seen. The Democrat's lead is continuing to narrow in polls, and at this late stage most voters will have made up their mind barring any major revelations. 

Only four days to go...