Wifi Troubleshoot: Here's how to change your Wifi channel

This has solved wifi issues for many

If you're a regular listener to Technology on The Pat Kenny Show, you'll know that the issue of poor Wifi is one which arises on a regular basis. Last night I found myself faced with a painfully slow connection at home and was given the following advice:

Desperate for a resolution, I followed the steps and found that it had worked!

If you are a Virgin Media customer, click here and select your modem. You can then follow the steps to change the channel for that modem and hopefully you'll notice a difference the speed of your device. If your issue persists, reach out to the customer support. 

Sky customers can find information here that will hopefully help solve the issue for you. Again, if not, reach out to the customer service providers and explain the situation. 

Social Media:

From personal experience, I have found the customer support on Twitter to be second to none when dealing with service providers. 

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