'Why is Irish always focused on for being a compulsory subject? Why not Maths? Why not English?' - Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill

The poet joined George Hook on High Noon, live in Notre Dame University to discuss the Irish language.

'It's always Irish that gets criticised for being compulsory.'

Poet Nuala Ni Dhohmnaill has taught Gaeilge to people all over the world, and when speaking to George Hook on High Noon, explained that there's a stigma when it comes to the Irish and their own language.

She says it's no an issue when she teaches it abroad.

'I've found that foreigners don't have chips on the shoulders, and they're much more open to it.  I really do believe it's to do with this colonial thing.'

George, himself a lover of the language, enthused about his old Irish teacher, and Nuala wasn't surprised by George's attitude to Irish, because his teacher's attitude was right.

'He was a good teacher because he had a positive attitude towards it; and if you have a positive attitude towards it, then of course you're going to learn it.'

You can listen to the full interview below.