Why does the South not understand the North?

Eugene Lynch helps George Hook understand why people in the South struggle to understand what happens in the North

Eugene Lynch sent an email into High Noon.

As a nationalist from Derry who is now living in Cork he is incredibly frustrated by the lack of understanding that many citizens south of the border have of politics in the North. He says this isn't helped by glib comments of politicians down south. 

Eugene claims that there appears to be a scramble to "save the institutions" of the north (get Sinn Fein and the DUP into a room and knock their heads together would probabaly sum it up best). He believes that the purpose of this is to interfere with the political workings of the North on the one occasion that the conversation on the streets of Derry, Belfast Newry, and every town in between, is approaching normal political discourse.

He joined George on High Noon today to discuss his thoughts.