Why do Australians move to Ireland, and stay here?

George invited three Australians living in Ireland onto High Noon today

Today is Australia Day, and many Aussies will be on the beaches in Sydney, Melbourne and more, putting shrimps on the barbecue and downing a beer to celebrate.

But what about those Australians who have moved to Ireland over the years?  How do they celebrate?  Do they miss being home?

George invited Bryce Fraser, Christina Campbell and Darren Snell, all Australians who live in Ireland, on to High Noon to talk about why they're in Ireland, their memories of Australia, why they still celebrate, and much more besides.

Bryce came here on a 9 month holiday, and has now ended up here for the last 14 years.

Christina has been here for 20 years, after finding love while going to see Riverdance and gatecrashing a backstage party.

And Darren has been in Ireland for the last 4 years, after finding love with an Irishwoman in Sydney.

Listen to their stories by clicking below.

Also, there are still tickets to the Irish-Australian Association Ball this Saturday January 28th.  Details of how to get tickets can be found here - http://www.irelandaustralia.org/