Who is George's Doppleganger?

John O'Keefe spotted George's doppelganger, and came in to studio to tell him all about it.

Criminologist John O'Keefe joined George Hook on High Noon to talk about doppelgangers, and has had a look into who some of George's might be.

If you have your own, or indeed you want to send some more ideas for George, get on Twitter and use #HighNoonNT.

Here are some to kick you off.

There's Van Morrison.


You also might remember Uncle Fester, the aul' favourite from the Addams Family.


There were also some suggestions from listeners, including Podge.


And for fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (not so sure about this one), here's one you might remember, from another listener.


You can hear the full interview with John O'Keefe about the history of doppelgangers, and the fun that can be had with them, by clicking below.