WhatsCall: The app that offers free international calls to any landline or mobile

The application is free on iOS and Android

The invention of Skype, Facetime and other such services changed how we communicate with our friends and family around the world. A new application, however, is advancing that one step further. 

WhatsCall is an app developed by Cheetah Mobile, a company renowned for their utility and mobile security app development. Users can simply download the app to their phone and call anyone in the world, on mobile or landline. 

The app uses IP-PSTN for high-quality voice calls. This also means that recipients do not need to have the application on their phone, it uses the mobile network, just like a normal phone call. 

David Wu, VP of global app marketing at Cheetah Mobile, explains how it works

“The cost of calling overseas landlines and mobiles is prohibitively high for many people. WhatsCall is free if users engage with brands and collect call credits. Cheetah Mobile is proud to unveil WhatsCall, which will change how people communicate with each other across the world. Traditional messaging apps, and other tools that enable us to talk via the internet, rely on data connections from both parties and smartphone notifications being switched on. WhatsCall doesn’t require a recipient to have a data connection, the same app, or live notifications."