What's on TV over the Christmas period?

The Picture Show's Philip Molloy takes George through some of the best TV viewing for over Christmas.

As we all know, it's vital to know what is going to be on the box as we're tucking into all the food at Christmas, and who better than the Picture Show's Philip Molloy to help George go through what will be on?

He said it looks like a far more family friendly schedule than usual - plenty of animated films, musical and funnily enough, Tom Hanks films.

Some of the highlights picked out were:

  • Saving Mr Banks at 9.30pm on BBC 2 (Dec 23rd)
  • Ben Affleck's 'The Town', at 9pm on FIVESTAR (Dec 23rd)
  • The Vikings, at 12.50pm on Channel 5 (Christmas Eve)
  • Frozen is on Christmas Day
  • American in Paris, 730am on Christmas Day

Have a listen to what all his picks are by clicking below.