What you shouldn't say about child abuse, and why.

Shane Dunphy joined George Hook to discuss the things people say, often naively, about child abuse, but they really shouldn't.

Former darts world champion Eric Bristow apologised last Wednesday for tweeting that the footballers in the emerging child sexual abuse scandal were "wimps" and demanding to know why they didn't "sort out" their abusers "when they got older and fitter".

Bristow claimed the comments, which he admitted were badly worded, were really an attempt to encourage children who had experienced abuse to come forward.

George Hook expressed some sympathy for Bristow's predicament today on High Noon.

To try to shed some light on this very dark subject, George was joined on High Noon by child protection expert Shane Dunphy, who shared the five main things people say about child abuse - and why they probably shouldn't say them. The five things are:

  1. It's just about sex - people have meaningless sex every day, so get over it
  2. Survivors make up false allegations to get sympathy and attention
  3. You're an adult now - no one can hurt you unless you let them, so stop wallowing in self-pity and move on with your life
  4. It couldn't have been that bad if you didn't report it for 20 years
  5. You're a survivor - you're still here. That's something to celebrate

 To hear the full conversation between George and Shane, click below.