What makes us Irish for Paddy's Day?

A collection of green photos, videos and tweets from around the globe

Anne and Barry's guide to learning Irish?  

President Michael D Higgins' Saint Patrick's Day 2013 words of wisdom:

"The 17th of March is a day when we celebrate the life and memory of our Patron Saint, Saint Patrick. It is also a day when, with our wider Irish family around the world, we reflect on our shared past; celebrate the unique culture and heritage which make us proud of our Irishness; express solidarity with each other in our communities; and show our gratitude to all those who have been, or are being, of assistance to Irish people at home and abroad."

A recipe to make Guinness ice cream with chocolate covered pretzels

Americans call it St. Patty's Day.

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President Barack Obama in an Irish bar in Washington on St Patrick’s Day

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