What does it take to be a modern gentleman?

Country Life Magazine UK's Paula Lester talks with George Hook about the keys to being a gentleman, and how to avoid being a 'cad'.

'Cads aren't evil. They're probably just a bit too selfish and self-obsessed.  We'd like to see more gentlemen'.

Paula Lester of Country Life Magazine in the UK is worried.  She believes this year, in many ways, has been anything but the year of the gentleman, and she would like to see that change.

She joined George Hook on High Noon to talk about the advice that her magazine is dishing out; telling its readers how they can identify and gentleman, and a 'cad' - a cad basically being known as a man 'dishonourable' to women.

Asking George what his best gentlemanly attributes were, Paula was delighted to get a decent list from the Newstalk presenter, who matched up to Paula's list very favourably.

'A gentleman should have a well made dark suit, tweed suit and a dinner jacket.  There you go!  And the biggest one of all, your list tells me that I should switch my phone to silent at the dinner table.  I'll go one better - I turn it off completely!'

Have a listen below as George and Paula go through the list, which can be found by subscribing to the Countryfile Magazine at countryfile.com.