'We'd all want to fulfill our daughter's dying wish, but scientifically speaking, I'm not convinced by cryonics' - London Science Museum's Roger Highfield

Roger joined George Hook on High Noon to reflect on a landmark ruling in the UK

'The main thing is, it gave the young girl solace in her last days'

Roger Highfield of the London Science Museum was reflecting today on High Noon with George Hook, following a landmark decision by a UK court, where a 14-year-old girl who said before dying of cancer that she wanted a chance to live longer was granted her wish to have her body cryonically preserved.

'This was less of a story about cryonics, and more a decision by the High Court to grant the request of a dying wish.  If it helped them through the last days, then it's worth it' Highfield said of the decision.

But purely putting his scientific hat on, Roger is yet to be convinced that cryonics work, and unfortunately isn't convinced that the procedure will have the desired effect.

'I've been to some of these places, and they can be grim.'

Listen to the interview below.