#WebSummit: Tarts, trams and technology

A closer look at what Lisbon has to offer as Web Summit 2016 gets underway

As I walked through the streets of Lisbon today, I realised that Web Summit's move from Dublin makes perfect sense. The city is easy to navigate, the venue is easy to find and the sun is shining - what more could you ask for?

Today has been another busy one in Lisbon. First thing on today's agenda (after a cup of glorious, Portuguese coffee) was to tell Pat Kenny all about my tour of the MEO Arena yesterday. 

After that, I headed into the town for a walk around in an attempt to know the city a bit better. Between the Metro and walking in the sunshine, it was a lovely way to spend a few hours. 

I am not a travel writer, so it's difficult for me to do a side by side comparison between Dublin and Lisbon. I've always wanted to experience Dublin as a tourist, but I've lived there my entire life, so that's not going to happen. As a Dub, I am proud of my city. It's a nice place to live and there's plenty of things for tourists to do. That being said, I feel that Lisbon is on another level in terms of a host city for a major technology conference. 

As I mentioned yesterday, Web Summit managed to secure travel passes for Web Summit attendees for just €25. This gives the user unlimited travel throughout the entire city. I have managed to find my way around without any trouble. I've either walked or hopped on the Metro. The longest wait I've had for a tram was 6 minutes. This efficiency is incredible and exactly what needs to be in place for a 53,000-person conference is going to exist, alongside real life, for four days. 

Aside from the great transport infrastructure, Lisbon does damn good cakes. Pretty much everyone I spoke to back home and on Twitter told me to get a custard tart. I did. It was glorious. I've had more cakes in the past 24 hours than any other food group; not ideal, but such is life. 

I am just about to head out the door again, this time to meet with Facebook's David Marcus. I'm then going to rush back over to the venue for the opening ceremony. It'll be interesting to see how the public transport system deals with Monday rush-hour!