#WebSummit: Inside the first full day of the event in Lisbon

Our technology correspondent is on the ground at Web Summit 2016

Today is the first full day of events at Web Summit 2016. There's a great selection of speakers on stage throughout the day and the vibe in the start-up hall is electric. On top of all that, there's working wifi! 

There is a healthy stream of of people walking in every direction here at Web Summit. The walk from the Metro to the media room in the MEO Arena was like the stampede scene from The Lion King. 

As I walked through the extensive campus a few things struck me. Firstly, the signage is just brilliant this year. Also, the volunteers on the ground are very helpful and could give me directions, in English, without any bother. This was a big help to me, as I was running slightly late for an interview. I managed to get to the media room and connect to the wifi within seconds. I'm delighted to report that I've had no issues at all with connectivity - and that's with two phones and a laptop.

There's no shortage of things to see, places to eat and people to chat to. I feel that if the summit was a week long, I still wouldn't pack it all in. My favourite thing about today, so far, is thing:  

The rest of my day involves chatting to start ups and then heading over to an exclusive drinks event, hosted by Facebook. I'm also going to try to find somewhere to watch the US election results too.