#WeAreIrish campaign wants to showcase Irish diversity

There are calls for more multiculturalism in media

#WeAreIrish campaign wants to showcase Irish diversity

Image via @unakavanagh on Twitter

A new campaign is calling on Ireland's media to reflect the diverse nature of our citizens.

The social media initiative #WeAreIrish aims to recognise that being Irish applies to more people than just those with freckles and fair skin.

It is the brainchild of Kerry woman Úna-Minh Caomhánach.

She says the multicultural nature of our society should be reflected in the media we consume.

"Even my school photos when I was younger, I was the only coloured person in my class.

"I just wish we got to a stage in Ireland where we would have more people of colour, of different ethnicities - because Irishness is not just confined to being white these days."

She says it is time TV shows and tourism advertising recognise what all Irish people look like.

"Whenever you see a person of colour in those ads it's always that they're presumed to be the tourist.

"I would love to see the idea of slowly introducing different types of people and it to be normal.

"Ireland isn't just one colour or race or whatever so I would love to see that".

The 2016 Census revealed that the number of people categorised as White Irish since 2011 increased by 1%, while those in the Black Irish or Black African category fell by 847 persons, or 1.4%.

This contrasted with an increase of 45% in the Black Irish or Black African category between 2006 and 2011.

Those classified as Other Asian increased by 12,145, or 19% - also far lower than the previous inter-censal increase of 87%.

Source: Central Statistics Office