"We need to get tough, and play by the rules of those who seek to attack us"

George reacts to the Westminster attacks, as well as talking to Alec Russell of the Financial Times and Gwythian Prins.

George thought long and hard about what he would say in the opening to today's High Noon in reaction to the Westminster Attack yesterday, which left 4 people dead and many more injured, some 'catastrophically'.

He, like many other Irish, rang his family in the UK, and was utterly elated when he knew they were safe.

But George also called for Ireland, the UK, the US and the rest of the world to wake up and get tough on migration in the aftermath of this attack on 'our way of life'.

Listen to his full reaction at the top of today's show by clicking below.

George invited the Financial Times' Weekend Editor Alec Russell on High Noon on the foot of this, to give his take on what happened over the previous 24 hours, as well as what he foresees happening.

"We simply don't know enough yet," Russell told George, "and so MPs aren't making any statements yet. Immigration also seems to be off the agenda at the moment until we know more."

Russell was, however, fulsome in his praise for the police and ambulance services who served the UK so admirably yesterday, telling George that it showed the best of the UK.

Listen to their full conversation below.

Gwythian Prins, emeritus professor at the London School of Economics, and regular contributor to High Noon, also joined George, and warned that we need to be careful not to glorify this attack by repeatedly showing footage of the attack, aftermath and more.

Prins remembered when he first spoke to George many years ago, in the aftermath of the Twin Towers falling, and he remarked at the time how he wasn't comfortable with the footage.  Prins said that he was told by someone in ITN at the time that the images made 'good television'.

Prins doesn't want us to make the same mistake with terrorist attacks today, as it's giving them the coverage they crave.

Listen to the full interview below.