WATCH: Mudslide tears through Swiss village

Nobody was injured in the incident

WATCH: Mudslide tears through Swiss village

A mudslide tears through the Swiss village of Grugnay. Image: Francois Voeffray/Facebook

Shocking footage has emerged of a sudden mudslide tearing through a Swiss village.

The deluge hit the village of Grugnay on Tuesday after a small river burst its banks.

The mudslide caused damage to properties in the area, however nobody was injured.

Local man Francois Voeffray, who posted the video to Facebook, said: “We heard lots of noise coming from far away around four or five minutes before."

“The white house you see is mine," he said.

"We had no serious damage. We will have to repair the car, the garden must be completely rebuilt; the wall will need to be painted and all of the mud removed."

Mr Voeffray said resident left their homes for a few hours after the slide in case there was more to come, but they have since returned.

“We are back and safe," he said. "Lots of people are still coming outside the house to take pictures.”