WATCH: Dutch carpenter builds replica of Noah's Ark

Johan Huibers wants to bring boat across the Atlantic

A DUTCH carpenter who has built a huge replica of the legendary Noah’s Ark wants to bring the gargantuan vessel to the Olympics in Brazil.

Johan Huibers’ impressive boat, which cost at a cost of nearly €4.5 million, is currently moored in Dordrecht, south of Amsterdam.

The ark is an interactive museum and event centre, and draws up to 3000 visitors a day.



“If we are able to purchase a barge, that will make taking it to every port in South and North America a very real possibility,” David Rivera, of The Ark of Noah Foundation, told

“In 1992 I had a dream about the Netherlands being underwater [after] a flood,” Huibers, 57, told

"A short time after, I saw a book and I read it to my children. It showed pictures of the Great Flood. I said then that I want to build the ark. Thirteen years later, I had the means and time to do it."

He needs around €1.7million to bring it across the Atlantic, but has raised less than €2,000.

The ark is 29 metres wide, 125 metres long, and is 23 metres, or five stories, tall. It can hold over 5,000 people at once.