WATCH: timeline of same-sex partnership rights in Europe

Year by year breakdown of increasing and decreasing rights

Starting from 1989 and heading as far as planned actions in 2017, the below .gif shows us year by year, country by country, the changes in same-sex partnership rights.

There is an almost literal divide down the center of Europe, with Western Europe almost unanimously increasing the rights of same-sex partnerships, while Eastern Europe is mostly limiting those partnership rights in same-sex couples.

However, Republic Of Ireland is one of the last additions to the map, joining in on improving the rights in 2011 and again in 2015, while Estonia and Finland are planning on increasing the rights in 2017.

Both Croatia and Hungary, according to .gif, are simultaneously increasing and decreasing the rights, which would indicate that while there is a constitutional ban on marriage, there are other types of partnerships available.

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 GIF via Imgur