WATCH: Audience reacts to clip from Sasha Baron Cohen's new movie that was too graphic for TV

We watch them watching it, and it looks hilarious

The guy behind the likes of Borat and Bruno is back to disgust everyone again with his new movie.

Sasha Baron Cohen has made a name for himself with his comedy movies that have pushed the envelope in acceptable taste, but for the most part, they have also been extremely successful. The less said about The Dictator, the better.

His new movie The Brothers Grimsby sees him teaming with with Mark Strong to completely dismantle every cliche about super-spy movies, in what appears to be a far more extreme way than Spy did last year.

Visiting the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show last night to promote the movie, Cohen brought a clip that was deemed too graphic for broadcasting on television.

Instead, just as things sound like they're about to get very interesting, the clip flips to the audience's reaction, and we're greeted to several minutes of people in hysterics, some looking like they're close to vomiting from over-laughter.

The Brothers Grimsby arrives in Irish cinemas from March 10th.