WATCH: Win Halloween by building your own 'Stranger Things' Demogorgon mask

All it takes is two hours of construction and considerable patience

WATCH: Win Halloween by building your own 'Stranger Things' Demogorgon mask


With Halloween fast approaching, thoughts turn to how revellers across the country will be dressing up. With the meteoric rise and fall of Ken Bone over the space of a week, going from American Presidential Debate sweetheart to backlash thanks to some controversial opinions expressed on Reddit, it’s safe to say that the buzziest show on television is a safer bet for 2016 cultural relevancy. But while everyone you know will be trying to pull off a Barb from Stranger Things, with some effort you could manage to pull off a DIY Demogorgon mask.

In the video, embedded below, a prop builder shows how to construct your own mask that looks like the iconic tulip-headed monster that rules the Upside Down world of the smash-hit Netflix show. Aside from patience and an immediate affinity for crafting skills, all you need to pull it off is wire, masking tape, liquid latex, flour, red wool, food colouring, white ellimorph plastic, varnish, and fake blood.

According to the tutorial video, it should take about two hours to complete the mask, which is about a third of the time you will spend bragging to your friends about it at Halloween parties.  

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