WATCH: Welsh and Northern Irish fans work together to reunite a lost boy with his father

The young boy had become separated from the rest of his family in Paris

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Image: Iwan Jones/Twitter - @snichyn

While Irish fans have been making plenty of headlines with their good deeds, there are plenty of other enjoyable stories coming out from Euro 2016 supporters. 

While their two teams were in action against each other on the pitch on Saturday, fans from Northern Ireland and Wales worked together off it to help reunite a lost young boy with his father. 

According to Wales Online, a policeman approached the crowd with young Tom Watkins as they were looking for his dad amongst the supporters crowded on the Parisian streets, at which point they lifted him up onto a box to try and make it easier for his father to spot him and called for silence in the crowd.

Warning: the video contains some NSFW language.

With the boy clearly distressed, the fans tried to help lighten the mood by chanting "stand up, if you are his dad" and "David, David, here's your son", until eventually his dad was spotted at the back of the crowd and came forward. 

Speaking to Wales Online, his dad David said "he must have been missing for at least 15 or 20 minutes. My heart was pounding, I was thinking 'he's not going to know what do do or where to go, how am I going to find him?'. I had run out of ideas."

He added "the one thing I didn't think I could count on was those fans doing that. They hoisted him up and started chanting, it was unbelievable [...] Tears were coming down my face, everyone was cheering and singing and there was beer going everywhere. It was like a party. There were even other supporters crying because they were so happy I'd found him."

Via Wales Online