WATCH: Was there Love at First Festival at Electric Picnic this year?

Newstalk paired up three couples to see if love was in the air at Electric Picnic

There was no shortage of entertainment at Electric Picnic this weekend, as a wide range of brilliant acts took to the stage across the three nights, from the Chemical Brothers to Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

At the Newstalk Lounge, there was something a little bit different in the air as we played Cupid to three couples who were looking for Love at First Festival

Using a highly-scientific matchmaking formula, we paired up Ronan and Eleanor, Ferdia and Laura and Cormac and Cian in order to experience the festival together and see if love would blossom for any of them. 

Ferdia and Laura

For most of the couples, it appears that meeting up at the festival itself was a major obstacle, as the difficulty of organising a get together with a phone that was running on low battery (or "lost") when everyone was moving from stage to stage proved very tricky. 

Cian and Cormac

That magic spark could prove difficult to find in such trying conditions (not to mention the teeming rain on Saturday) but the three couples involved in Love at First Festival gave it their best go as they shared laughs, cans and the odd WhatsApp message...when their phone wasn't on airplane mode.

Eleanor and Ronan

So, did love blossom? Was there something in the air that night when the stars were bright in Stradbally? Watch below to find out: