WATCH: Video shows the stark danger of Christmas tree fires

The Dublin Fire Brigade and HSE are advising people to take care

WATCH: Video shows the stark danger of Christmas tree fires

Image: YouTube/National Fire Protection Association

It is that time of year again, when people are putting up and decorating their Christmas trees.

But the Dublin Fire Brigade are warning people to take care of all electricals.

It has also demonstrated how fast a fire can take hold if a tree goes alight.

This fire safety video shows the difference between a dry tree (left) and a well watered one (right).

Using the hashtag #DFB12Days, it is also reminding people to use weather proof sockets or battery powered lights for outdoor lighting.

It also asking people to check all wiring for damage.

While the Health Service Executive (HSE) has also issued advice for people this holiday season.

It says customers should buy decorations and tree from a reputable or trustworthy source, and check that the items have a relevant safety symbol.

Make sure the decorations and any artificial tree are fire resistant, as this will help reduce the risk of them catching fire - but it adds that every care still needs to be taken.

If people are using a real tree, the HSE is advising them to be aware that some are sprayed with chemicals to prevent the needles from shedding. These chemicals could be flammable.

Position a tree safely and securely and away from door ways, passage ways, fire, radiators and heaters.

It also advises those with children to try avoid decorations that are too easily broken - as this will help prevent the risk of cuts should they reach them.

"Do not hang decorations, even fire resistant ones, near or out of light fittings as this is a potential fire risk.

"Do not hang, attach or balance Christmas decorations, stockings or cards on the fireplace or the surrounding area. Sparks or heat from the fire could set them alight.

"They might also tempt children to go to the fireplace.

"If using heavy holders for Christmas stockings, be mindful that children could pull them down causing serious injury - so keep the stockings out of reach of children". the HSE adds.