WATCH: Victim's father attempts to attack disgraced doctor Larry Nassar

Nassar has already been sentenced to up to 175 years in prison for a string of assaults on young girls

WATCH: Victim's father attempts to attack disgraced doctor Larry Nassar

Randall Margraves, father of three victims of Larry Nassar, left, lunges at Nassar, bottom right, 02-02-2018. Image: Cory Morse/The Grand Rapids Press via AP

The father of three girls who were molested by disgraced US Olympics doctor Larry Nassar has attempted to attack him in court.

Nassar’s sentencing hearing has been suspended after Randall Margraves, the father of three of the victims, lunged at the 54-year-old.

Mr Margraves made the move after his daughters had given evidence.

Moments before he had asked Judge Janice Cunningham for "five minutes" in a locked room with Nassar - but was told she could not allow it.

He then asked her for one minute, and was told “you know that I can’t do that; that is not how our legal system works.”

Mr Margraves then rushed at Nassar and had to be tackled by bailiffs in the Michigan court.

Five minutes

He had asked to speak after his daughters Madison and Lauren gave statements and addressing the judge, said: "I would ask you as part of the sentencing to grant me five minutes in a locked room with this demon."

Having also called him a "son of a b****", he was told off for his language in court.

As he was handcuffed, he yelled: "I want that son of a b****.

"What if this happened to you guys?"

There was laughter in the courtroom after his first request, but it was quickly replaced by gasps and tears after he lunged at Nassar.

Three daughters

Two of his daughters gave statements to say they had been molested by Nassar and they added that their sister had been as well.

Assistant Attorney General Angela Povilaitis told families to "use your words" and that violence "is not helping your children."

Nassar is facing his third and final sentencing hearing in Michigan, where he has pleaded guilty to molesting three girls, while working with Twistars, an elite gymnastics club run by a former Olympian.


He will hear from around 60 of his victims during this hearing.

He is already sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison for a string of other assaults, and 60 years for child abuse images.

The entire board of directors at USA Gymnastics resigned in the wake of his last sentencing.

Friday's hearing started with controversy after the judge at the Michigan court had to address comments made by lawyer Sharon Stone to a radio station, in which she said she had doubts about the large numbers of people who are victims.

Nassar did not authorise the comments, and has disavowed them according to the judge.

Earlier this week, the judge said the total number of victims that had come forward now stood close to 265, much higher than previous estimates.

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