WATCH: US company teases creepy 'Black Mirror' style robot dogs

Boston Dynamics offers another yet another glimpse into dystopia with the redesigned Spot Mini

The latest offering from US technology company Boston Dynamics is like a scene straight out of the hit science fiction series Black Mirror.

The robotics company has offered up some of the most incredible – and terrifying – feats of robotic engineering over recent years and its latest video does not disappoint.

Formerly owned by Google, the company that brought the world robots capable of incredible agility and insane backflips, has teased its latest accomplishment – robot dogs that open doors.

The video shows one the company’s newly redesigned Spot Mini robots encountering a closed door and - apparently - asking another for help.

The second robot shows incredible balance and dexterity to open the door with some sort of specialised face claw - before holding it for his robodoggy buddy.

It looks like that dystopian Black Mirror vision is closer than we thought.