WATCH: US ads go awfully "Oirish" to attack corporation tax

Take a gander at this decidedly American actor in a Washington-set "Temple Bar pub"

The Republican convention kicks off in Cleveland, Ohio, today and to coincide with the week-long event, TV viewers in hotel rooms across the US city will be met with a series of political advertisements taking aim at the country's 35% rate of corporation tax. 

To do so, the RATE Coalition, a lobby group comprised of American businesses, has looked to the Irish.

The series is set in a supposed Irish pub in Temple Bar – actually shot in Washington – and features an American actor portraying a Dubliner (we think) as he toasts our 12.5% corporation tax with a pint of Guinness. 

The aim is to highlight what the RATE Coalition perceives to be the US Congress' failure to reform the US tax code to make it more favourable compared to the kind of rates offered by countries such as Ireland.

Making the accent as accurate as possible appears to have been a secondary concern.

See for yourself below...

The "From Ireland With Love" TV campaign will also run between July 25th and 28th in Philadelphia to coincide with the Democratic convention.